Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A little while back, Jalopnik's "Question of the Weekend" was "What is the Ultimate Island Car?" Being a smart-ass Canadian, I commented that, being from Toronto, I had never seen a dune buggy in real life. Since divine punishment obviously extends to snark, this showed up in the parking lot at the bottom of my street a few days later:

Kudos, by the way, to whoever bought/built/acquired this thing, which I assume is only nominally street legal here, and is probably loathed by at least half of their neighbours. As winter lasts five months, spring only long enough to double our wardrobe budget, and fall barely a fortnight, it's worth applauding anyone who is willing to celebrate summer with as much intensity and doomed panache as possible. A dune buggy is like a Muskoka cottage on wheels - imprudent, impractical, and a monument to human optimism and the pursuit of seasonal hedonism at all costs. Bravo to you, dune buggy owner, whoever you are. (golf claps)

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